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Mitchell Technology Solutions, LLC (MTS) is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with Mid-West and DC-based offices providing SME site support for today’s commercial-to-Federal product business development.  We seek and desire to retain former Soldiers with maintenance experience and technical backgrounds, preferably Wounded Warriors and veterans of OIF and OEF.

MTS also performs Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) for route clearance and other vehicle maintenance and training (Military Training Teams), along with providing previously experienced/deployed Soldiers as Field Service Representatives (FSR).  In this effort, MTS is willing to enter Joint Ventures (JV), no subbing, that bring a well-rounded team of experienced personnel to perform specific vehicle services for Army assets.  MTC has worked with NOVA Training & Technology to support IT requirements that complement our services.


  • MTS has three decades of military, engineering, and technical experience providing customer satisfaction and accomplishment.  
  • MTS provides customer value in four major areas: 1) IT asset management including feasibility studies, 2) requirements identification, 3) Homeland Security/Counterdrug law enforcement site support, and 4) budget formulation/programming for Non-Standard Equipment (NS-E) transition to Programs of record (POR).
  • MTS hires highly experienced, high-demand/low-density, skilled personnel, usually former Soldiers and disabled veterans that can hit the ground running possessing previous requirement support.  Commercial assets required to perform military requirements are expensive but MTS provides those skills affordably.  With the goal of reducing Contractor Logistics Support (CSL), MTS provides a transition to organizational maintenance while manuals, parts lists, and other requirements are established. 
  • MTS personnel provides new program maintenance start-up, asset management, and technical assistance, tailored for ramp up or down OPTEMPO to accommodate changes in workload. As a SDVOSB, MTS is able to obtain small business set-aside business and partners with larger companies to fill many niche requirements as an SDVOSB for larger PRIME vehicles.  We are NOT a high-wrap rate company with a lot of infrastructure cost.
  • MTS expertise gained through 12 years experience working with Defense, and local High-Intensity, Drug Trafficking Areas (HIDTA), State counterdrug support plans, intelligence organizations, and Law Enforcement Agency (LEA) operations bring a unique understanding applied to efforts with Homeland Security (Civil Support Teams), Counterdrug, and Border Intrusion & Control.
  • MTS tailors bench strength and coordinates external assets that perfectly match a customer’s requirements, and is a teaming partner with dozens of specialized partners that bring additional qualification and performance to the solution.


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